People all over the world love to head down to the casino for a night of thrills, spills and fun. But which are the world’s most popular casino games? In this article, we’ll run through a few which you’re guaranteed to find in almost any casino.


Arguably the best known of casino games, roulette is also one of the simplest; and it’s also a game which is pretty much entirely down to luck. Named after the French word for ‘little wheel’, gamblers place their stakes on whether the ball will land on a certain number or group of numbers, or red or black. There are two types of roulette wheel; the single zero wheel, which has only one zero, and the double zero wheel, often used in American casinos, which has a double zero pocket, as well as the zero found on the single wheel.


The American version of the casual card game 21, blackjack is played against the dealer in a casino. The aim of the game is for competing players to either:

  • Get 21 points on their first two cards without the dealer doing the same
  • Score higher than the game’s dealer without going over 21
  • Allow the dealer to draw extra cards until they’ve gone above 21.

The cards are worth the same amount of points as displayed, so a 2 is two points, a 3 is three points etc. The exceptions are face cards (the jack, queen and king), these are all worth 10 points, and the ace, which can be high or low (11 points, or one point).


There are three known versions of baccarat, but the idea of the game is generally for the player to beat the banker. In baccarat, cards are assigned a point value; cards two to nine are face value, while tens, jacks, queens and kings are worth zero. Aces are worth one point. Hands are assigned a value based on the digit on the right of the final sum; so, if you have a hand which adds up to 14, it’s actually worth four points.

There are, of course, countless other casino games for you to try out. What’s your favourite?